Study Abroad
School Application
Canada is known for the high-quality education system and well-balanced fundamental development in comprehensive and specific area of study. Canada has more than 2.05 million of post-secondary educational institutions coast to coast, including all level of academic programs.
Student Visa
Student Visa is the access type granted by CIC that allowing foreign students entering Canada for study purpose. International students will need to apply for Student Visa before they come to Canada.
A homestay provides an opportunity to stay with a local family for a fee. It is an affordable accommodation alternative, ideal for independent students living abroad and anyone seeking a real and genuine travel experience. It allows them to experience the local community and culture of the place they are visiting.
Post-Graduate Work Permit
A Post-Graduate Work Permit is the work permit type that allowing graduated foreign students to continue living in Canada to obtain a job offer from Canadian employers and start working in Canada. The valid length of Post-Graduate Work Permit is usually depending on the program’s length of study students graduated from.
Summer Camp
Summer is a golden season. A summer camp is a supervised program for registered attendees experiences all sorts of activities during the summer times, outdoor and indoor. Summer Camp hosted by Hawking Immigration providing young students at age group between 13-20, coming to Canada while live, play, study, explore this beautiful country just like a real Canadian.